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New Conference Call-International (319) 527-9020

Current Plan: Always Free Access Code: 764023 Connect with callers across the globe. Simply provide participants with an in-country dial-in number from any of the 56 countries listed below: Print Argentina +54 11 5031-9549 Australia +61 2 8077 0508 Austria +43 1 2650531 Belgium +32 3 294 11 44 Brazil +55 11 3042-5280 Bulgaria +359 2 495 1702 Cambodia +855 96 696 7834

And the stupidity and ignorance just won't end in this religious state

Cleaning up Mississippi trash


Lewis 181 Incident No 16-004883 2/28/16 Damage Front Door
M. Davis 177 Case No 16-004336 2/21/16 Harassing phone calls
SGT Hipple #220 Incident No 15-031202 12/18/15
Manning 180 Case No 16-000448 1/7/16 Fernwood Apts 44/46

Watch your fucking mouth around me I am not one to play no motherfucking games with anybody you heard me

Mississippi stop fucking with me you heard me I don't play no motherfucking games with nobody I get my papers, coins, stacks, dollars, lawsuits bitches

Cherokee Wilkins, Cherokiyah Wilkins, Cherokee Ma'liyah

You think your pussycat so good because that's a myth out there for fat women and you think you are superwoman because you might can beat up skinny women that your man, sex partner or ex-man Louis James Holmes be messing with but let me explain something tonight ignorant black ugly dark skin saggy breast flat butt want to be bad wanksta claiming you are from Memphis TN but you are a dumb Mississippian this lady ain't what you want seriously scared heifer bisexual woman that want to lick my goods and Biloxi Police department will not do anything with these crazy ignorant Mississippians because they help boost the economy by getting people like me to catch a case with them after calling multiple times

True statement