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Book coming soon

Are all systems unfair? What would you do to change the systems to make it better for the masses? Make it a bestseller. Thanks


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New Conference Call-International (319) 527-9020

Current Plan: Always Free Access Code: 764023 Connect with callers across the globe. Simply provide participants with an in-country dial-in number from any of the 56 countries listed below: Print Argentina +54 11 5031-9549 Australia +61 2 8077 0508 Austria +43 1 2650531 Belgium +32 3 294 11 44 Brazil +55 11 3042-5280 Bulgaria +359 2 495 1702 Cambodia +855 96 696 7834

Mississippi stop fucking with me you heard me I don't play no motherfucking games with nobody I get my papers, coins, stacks, dollars, lawsuits bitches

Watch your fucking mouth around me I am not one to play no motherfucking games with anybody you heard me